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Our mission

Helping identify neurological diseases years before symptoms are visible and follow their progress objectively
We are researchers, doctors, engineers, inspired by science and passionate about the benefits of eye tracking for the daily use of health practitioners.

Why eye movements

5 min

Exam of the eye movements tells more than a kilometer walk

5 years

Eye movements help predict disease evolution up to 5 years

110 000

scientific papers link eye-tracking with disorders


An easy-to-use eye-tracking environment
to help practitioners instantaneously quantify their clinical exam

Based on years of research, it is designed to bring non-invasive, quick, and robust biomarkers.

neuroClues® has the ambition to provide:

neuroClues® is a registered brand of P3Lab, currently under research and development phase. It will be available for sale when regulatory clearance is received.


Our scientific advisory board testifies

About eye-tracking

Over the last 60 years, over 110 000 scientific articles have been written linking eye movement to neurological diseases

Eye-tracking enables measurements and analysis, allowing neurologists to increase their diagnosis certainty in few minutes and have a better follow-up of the patients. This innovative technology can be used for the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease and other neurological diseases.

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