The eyes: mirrors of the soul, but above all of how our brain works. A guest opinion in ADN.

An article written by our co-founders Antoine Pouppez and Pierre Pouget, and published on ADN:

NeuroClues, a start-up developing a medical device based on eye-tracking, aims to help identify neurological disorders years before visible symptoms appear and to monitor their development objectively.

Like oncology 20 years ago, neurology today is on the cusp of a revolution. Thanks to technological advances and the contribution of Artificial Intelligence, it is now possible to diagnose neurological diseases several years before the first symptoms appear. And perhaps, in the future, we will be able to treat these disorders, which are as complex as they are mysterious. Medicine is on the way to pushing back one of its last frontiers: the human brain!
Guest column by Antoine Pouppez, CEO and co-founder of neuroClues® and Pierre Pouget, CNRS research director (Brain Institute), co-founder and scientific advisor of neuroClues®.

Read more on L’ADN DATA at the following link, in French: neuroClues, le diagnostic précoce des maladies neurologiques (

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