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neuroClues®' mission

In a world where neurological disorders will affect 1 person in 3 and where the number of Parkinson’s patients will double in the next decade, reaching 13 million patients, our mission is to empower clinicians with biomarkers allowing them to identify neurological disorders (Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Multiple Sclerosis) years before visible symptoms.

Starting with Parkinsonian syndromes

We see the most clinical utility in supporting neurologists in the differential diagnosis of Parkinsonian syndromes. Increasing diagnostic certainty with non-invasive, quick and robust biomarkers will allow to start patient care earlier. 

neuroClues is the only all-in-one, portable eye tracking solution that provides reproducible and high-precision neurologic biomarkers that allow physicians to make a more accurate or earlier diagnosis of neurologic diseases. 


Discover our CEO Antoine Pouppez’ insights on neuroClues history, milestones and insights from the EIC Accelerator.  ⤵

P3Lab was co-founded in 2020 by Pierre Daye, Pierre Pouget and Antoine Pouppez, former ICM and IBA employees. Pierre Daye earned his PhD in the applied mathematics department of UCLouvain in Belgium working on modeling and analysis of eye and head coordination. He did a series of post-docs and met PIerre Pouget, recognized CNRS researcher working with key opinion leaders in neuroscience at the Institute for Brain and Spinal Cord (ICM) in Paris. 

Together they pursued studies of eye movements through modeling and experimental research projects. During their combined +35 years of research, they faced the pains linked with the use of eye tracking and decided with the help of Antoine Pouppez to tackle these issues and develop a medical device (NeuroClues™) based on eye tracking to support early diagnose of neurological diseases and allows eye tracking to deliver its full potential to the clinical practice.

In November 2021, the team raised a € 4,7 million Seed round to finalize the development of this disruptive deep tech innovation in view of a commercialization to the European and US markets.

In June 2022, the company received the ISO 13485:2016 certification for design and development of eye tracking devices.

In December 2022, P3Lab announced it has been awarded blended funding, of which a €2.5 million grant, and up to €9 million in equity by the European Commission under the highly selective EIC Accelerator program.

The company concluded a research agreement by which a prototype of neuroClues is in use in the French Iceberg cohort, a prospective study of 360 patients with as objective is to identify clinical, imaging and biologic markers of Parkinson’s Disease onset and progression for use in clinical trials of disease-modifying therapies.

In April 2024, the company announced the successful closing of a € 4.95 million pre-Serie A round to achieve the regulatory approvals in the US and Europe, and bring the disruptive solution to market. 

Video eye tracking is an old technology dating from the ‘60’s leading to a freedom to operate on its principles.

On top, we have patent applications that cover all product aspects.

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neuroClues® is a privately-owned start-up.

After several funding rounds leading us to the regulatory approvals, we will be looking to onboard new investors to support the commercial deployment of our innovative solution.

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