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The sole all-in-one portable eye tracking solution that combines innovative hardware with user-friendly software, enabling you to conduct examinations in just a few simple steps

An all-in-one solution tailored for clinicians, with clinicians

With over 35 years of combined eye tracking experience, neuroClues® is being engineered to bridge the gap between research and the clinic and provide non-invasive, quick, and robust biomarkers with research-grade spatial and temporal resolution.


Designed by our engineers, doctors and scientists, neuroClues® will offer a unique experience that fits into the daily clinical practice of the practitioner. Thanks to the seamless integration between the hardware and the software, eye-tracking has never been so easy to use: results in only 5 steps.


neuroClues® compact and lightweight design can be adapted to the clinical needs of the patients. Its versatility will allow the neurologists to track eye movements on more patients and for more diverse cases with the latest innovation in mind.

A comprehensive eye-tracking ecosystem


Compact and portable recording device. neuroClues® hardware is placed over the patient’s eyes. It comprises a screen, 16 illuminators and two infrared cameras controlled by an embedded software. It presents visual stimuli to the patient and records the eyes movement triggered by the stimuli in a normalized environment.

Thanks to its patented design, neuroClues® will allow:


User friendly app. Protocols and recordings are controlled by the practitioner through an app available on a computer. It allows the user to select the protocol that will be presented to the patient, to get a live feedback thanks to the time courses processed by the recording device’s embedded software, and to analyse and help interpreting the results extracted from these time courses.

Designed by doctors for doctors, neuroClues® will allow:

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A comprehensive eye-tracking ecosystem

neuroClues® will be the easiest eye-tracking companion to help to quantify instantaneously the clinical examination thanks to non-invasive, quick, and robust biomarkers.

In addition to the standard neurological examination, it will help the practitioner to increase the diagnostic certainty on more patients within minutes.

neuroClues® is a registered brand of P3Lab, currently under research and development phase. It will be available for sale when regulatory clearance is received.

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