P3Lab raises 4.2 million euros

P3Lab, a European Medtech startup active in the early diagnosis of Parkinson Syndrome based on eye tracking, raises 4.2 million
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P3Lab, a European startup founded in 2020 by former IBA and ICM employees is developing a medical device (NeuroClues™) based on eye tracking to support early diagnose of neurological diseases.
Thanks to NeuroClues™, neurologists will instantly quantify their clinical examination while removing the need for complementary exams, thus decreasing by months the patient’s time to a diagnosis. This breakthrough innovation allows detecting 5 years in advance specific symptoms like gait freezing.
The company has raised a € 4,2 million Seed round to bring this disruptive deep tech innovation to the European and US market.

Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, 08 November 2021 – P3Lab announces the successful closing of its € 4.2 million seed round led by Invest.BW, US-based Graph Ventures, Artwall, Operator Angels like Olivier Legrain (IBA), Fiona du Monceau (Exevir), Jean-Charles Samuelian (Alan), Thibault Jonckheere (Exothera), Mathieu de Lophem (Skipr) and François-Xavier de Mevius (DLF Venture); and supported by the Walloon Region – Belgium (DGO6 and Novalia).

P3Lab is on a mission to propagate an eye-tracking solution (NeuroClues™) to help objectively diagnose neurological diseases such as Parkinson, Multiple sclerosis, Traumatic Brain Injury and Alzheimer which collectively affect 3% of European and North American populations. P3Lab’s ambition to become an industry leader targeting the greatest threat to public health is what convinced a US-based venture capitalist as detailed by Sebastien de Halleux, General Partner at Graph “We think everyone should have access to much earlier detection of neurological diseases at a reasonable cost to enable earlier intervention. We believe that the P3Lab team has the potential to deliver such a transformative tool for neurologists and their patients, combining innovative hardware and software technologies into a user experience accessible to all, and indistinguishable from magic.”

NeuroClues™ is a paradigm shift in Parkinson’s syndrome diagnosis that allows to instantly quantify the neurologist clinical examination while removing the need for complementary exams, thus decreasing by months the patient’s time to a diagnosis and detecting years in advance specific symptoms like gait freezing . “Over 110.000 scientific publications indicate the tremendous value brought by the analysis of eye movements in the diagnostics and follow-up of neurological diseases. NeuroClues will bring these novel perspective and fantastic insights to clinical practitioners and help patients with earlier diagnosis” explains Pierre Pouget, P3Lab Scientific Advisor.

NeuroClues™ services are built to answer the practitioners’ needs. It allows a seamless integration in the current practice with a frictionless software and a portable eye-tracking solution which performs measurements and analysis within minutes. “This laboratory solves the pains Pierre Pouget and myself experienced during 35+ combined years of research on eye movements. It allows eye tracking to deliver its full potential to the clinical practice.” Pierre Daye, P3Lab CTO.

P3Lab was founded in July 2020 by a team of former IBA and ICM employees with a purpose of deploying pragmatic solutions in the healthcare system. “The team vision, drive and strong industrial, scientific and medical expertise is what convinced me to join P3Lab as investor and chairman of the board” says Olivier Legrain. Belgium’s leadership position in medical industry nurtured the P3Lab’s team expertise and allowed the company to find strategic partners like Invest.BW. “We are very excited with this new investment in P3Lab which is in line with our strategy to play an active role to invest in the development of the new ways of caring ecosystem in the Brabant Walloon (Belgium).” Pierre de Waha, Sr Investment Manager, Invest.BW.

The company has a strategic partnership with the Paris Brain Institute (ICM) and is building a network of international collaborations in Europe and the US. “We are honoured to be surrounded by such experienced investors, operator angels and clinical partners in our quest to tackle neurological diseases diagnosis. We strongly believe their collective intelligence and strong sector experience will boost the access of NeuroClues™ to health practitioners and to their patients.” Antoine Pouppez, CEO of P3Lab.

About P3Lab: P3Lab is a team of researchers, doctors & engineers, inspired by science and passionate about the benefits that eye tracking can bring to health practitioners during their everyday work. Incorporated in July 2020, it is developing pragmatic healthcare solutions, starting with a mobile eye tracking laboratory. More information : https://p3lab.com/

About Invest.BW: Invest.BW is a regional evergreen investor with more than EUR 100 million under management. Its strategy is to invest in all stages of company developments with the aim to support entrepreneurs in their long-term ambitions.
More information: https://investbw.be/

About Graph Ventures: Graph Ventures is a US-based early stage fund, run by founders with deep experience starting and growing technology companies in the US, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Since 2011 Graph Ventures has invested in over 200 companies from around the globe.
More information: https://www.graphventures.com/

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